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Product Brands » Bell » General Health » 26. Blood Pressure Formulation Combo
Bell - 26. Blood Pressure Formulation Combo
Fish peptide extract will provide support and collagen to almost every cell in the body and effectively inhibits ACE (angiotensin concerting enzyme). This is crucial for blood pressure health as ACE in the enzyme responsible for blood vessel constriction. It achieves proper relaxation and dilation of artery walls. Fish peptide supports normal blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels.
L-026060 capsules - 2 IN STOCK$27.95
Product Overview

Blood Pressure Formulation Combo - by Dr. Chakib Hammoud, MH, PhD.

Dr. Hammoud has a vast experience in this field and recommends new fish peptide as the most important component. Also Dr. Julian Whitaker in his newslatter recommends this very highly. The other ingredients are also playing an important role in helping to regain a satisfactory blood pressure. Everybody knows that even by talking, laughing, exercising, getting angry, being under stress for various reasons, all these can temporarily or permanently increase your blood pressure. If you measure your blood pressure at home, sit quietly with a calm mind for 5 minutes before you do the actual testing. It is well known, having your blood pressure measured in a doctor’s office – white coat effect - may put it substantially higher than your actual home measured pressure. A major contribution to successfully lowering your blood pressure should come from your mind. There are many books available on stress reduction, weight reduction or a positive outlook on life. Fully understand that those people that are grateful for the good things in their own life are much happier with less stress, than those that focused mainly on their life’s hassles. Overall, the “gratitude” people are in much better health. You can participate also in courses to calm your mind and body or do your own thing that can be as simple as sitting quietly for 15 minutes every day and do deep breathing. Mind exercises like physical exercises will only show success after a while. Count to 5 inhaling and count to 5 exhaling. Think of nothing else than your breathing. Do most of these things and you can expect a major change knowing that you are in control for a change. A great feeling!


Extract of fish peptide, celery seed, wild garlic, passion flower, barberry, pomegranate, micro crystaline cellulose.


Blood pressure dropped drastically!

My blood pressure was 160/95 for the last 2 years. I was told to get my weight down, which I did with Bell Slimming Patches #5a. Furthermore, I started to take Bell Blood Pressure formulation Combo, which brought it down to 140. Thanks for the great products you have.


Blood pressure close to normal now!

My doctor told me I have to take blood pressure drugs for the rest of my life. After reading the book “The Blood Pressure Hoax” by Shelly Rogers M.D. I thought I try the health food store first. Two capsules of Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo a day brought my blood pressure to close to normal.


Blood pressure dropped a lot!

My blood pressure was 165/98. After taking Bell Blood Pressure Formulation my blood pressure dropped to 145/85. I also used Bell Ezee Slimming Patches to reduce my weight. Great products that worked well for me.


My doctor says stay on Bell Blood Pressure Combo!

My doctor was going to put me on blood pressure pills. But I started taking Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo and after about 30 days my blood pressure was normal. My doctor was very happy with me. I took the bottle and showed her. She said: “Well stay on it as your blood pressure is great”.


Blood pressure back to normal!

Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo helped me quickly to get my blood pressure back to normal. It was 160/110. It’s now 125/90 and my doctor is pleased. It's like 10 years ago. A good natural product.


My blood pressure dropped to normal range!

I was on blood pressure drugs for 4 years with unsatisfactory results. After trying Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo it dropped to a normal range. Thank you Dr. Hammoud and Bell. I have used other Bell natural product with good results and this is why I bought the blood pressure product.


Blood pressure down!

I was shocked when I was told my blood pressure was 167/98. Not wanting to start prescription drugs I found your Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo. I have been using it now for 2-1/2 months and my blood pressure is now 138/82. I’ve gone through upsetting events and my blood pressure stayed low. I’m thrilled with this brilliant formula. I’ve recommended it to many people I know. I will try other Bell products.


Blood pressure was too high!

Family members nudged me to do something about my blood pressure that was 160/100. After starting Bell Blood Pressure Formulation it is now down to 145/88 and I expect it will improve still more. Good product.


Blood pressure back to normal

I’m grateful I found this product. I had high blood pressure for the last 5 years. Medications I took had numerous side effects. Since using Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo my blood pressure is back to normal, same it was 20 years ago. Thank you for this help.


It works well

2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules before bedtime is very effective for me. It works well and helped me to lower my blood pressure. It has no side effects like the drugs I took. That especially delights me. I’m happy and relieved to find this natural product. Also, the price is lower than other products. Yes, using this product gave me great relief and it’s safe to use.


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